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Blazor Bindings for Avalonia: Attached Properties

⏱️ TL;DR I started 2 attached-property experiments They may exist side-by side Previous article: Blazor + Avalonia = ❤️ 🌍 Community Response A week ago I released a first experimental implementation of Blazor Bindings for Avalonia. As the first prototype was working...

Blazor + Avalonia = ❤️

⏱️ TL;DR With my experimental fork of BlazorBindings.Maui, you can use Blazor syntax for Avalonia controls. 💻 The source code: In the 👉 avalonia-11 👈 branch. 👀 Code sample:...

Communication in Distributed Systems

In distributed systems communication between services should be performed through messages. But what is a “message”? Are there different kinds for different purposes?

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